What to do over the summer holidays?

Photo by Nextvoyage on Pexels.com

As I mentioned in my last blog post, college is nearly over for summer holidays. For me this means four months off college.

I hate the idea of sitting on my hands for four months doing nothing. Maybe the first month I’d love it but after that the boredom will kick in and I’d just be wanting college to start again. So I’ve been doing a bit of research and thinking of what I could do over the summer holidays.

1. Travel

Anywhere you can, it doesn’t always have to involve a plane. It could simply be just taking a trip with your friends somewhere close to where you live.

2. Hostel Hopping

This is definitely one way to get travelling this summer. This isn’t something you usually get paid for but you could if your lucky in the offer you get.

This were you literally hop from hostel to hostel. A lot of hostels do an exchange program of a few hours of work a week in exchange of a free bed and other benefits depending on the hostel. This could be anything from breakfast, free drinks to free tours.

This is a good idea if you have money saved for travelling or/and you have some form of income when travelling. This is a really good way of saving money on accommodation and meeting other travellers.

3. Internships

No need to explain this one really, all college students have heard this word mentioned at least one.

It is a good way to get ahead for when you graduate and even getting ahead in your course so could be something worth looking at.

4. Learn something new

Okay, I know you’re groaning just reading this one, going I just spent 9 months learning loads!

But this is a good opportunity to pick up a new skill, start learning a new language, an instrument etc whatever takes your fancy.

For example I’m 23 and I can’t drive and I absolutely hate that fact. Over the summer no matter how much travelling I do I will be finding time to sit my lessons and get on the road. It’s a skill I really want to learn and I think a lot of people have something they always wanted to learn how to do!

A big benefit of putting the discipline and time over the summer into a skill would make coming back to college easier as you haven’t fully slacked off over summer!

5. Self Improvement

I love the idea of self improvement. That you can actually change things about yourself and become better. And I really do think in your 20’s you should be really aware of who your shaping into as a person.

I feel during college this is really hard for me and others to balance out. How do I work on myself when I am so swamped with college work?

For example during this summer I want to learn to eat more healthy and how to make better meals because during college I live off chewing gum, vending machine/canteen food and the odd dinner I make it home for.

For some self improvement can be exercising more, reading more, being more kinder to themselves, reading more books etc. Whatever it is for you give yourself some time this summer to focus on yourself.

6.Group Tours

This an expensive option to be honest. Companies like Contiki and Intrepid offer group tours to places all over the world.

A lot of solo people go on these holidays, where they have the freedom of solo travelling but you have a group of people around you . This is a good option for people travelling solo for the first time who are nervous and can afford it!

And that’s it for now I will be expanding on this list up until the summer holidays!

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