Finishing up first year of college

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I have always loved to learn and study. I was homeschooled for a year in between primary schools as a kid and it’s still to this day my favorite year of education. My mother home schooled myself and my three sisters, allowing us to be curious and ask as many questions as we want on whatever topic we would be covering.

However, the formal education system has never been easy for me. I hated school from Primary to Secondary school. And by the last two years of Secondary school I barely went in.

However, after school I did a course for a year in Photography. This brought me back to liking education again and also gave me a new love, photography.

I got accepted into a college in Dublin to do a photography degree but I never actually made it there.

Instead, over the course of two years I dropped out of several degrees.

I dropped out the first time due to absolutely hating the course I was doing, Computer Science. Everyone around me was wondering why the f*** I was doing that course as I’m terrible at math. But I was adamant to do it as a boyfriend at the time told me it was my best choice and a photography degree would get me nowhere.

Yes, I regretted listening to him for years.

The second time I went to college I decided to try Computer Science again. I felt like a complete failure for dropping out of the course the first time and went back to try again. After a few weeks I moved course and started in Communications in Creative Media and I absolutely loved it.

However, after finishing up that semester during the Christmas break as I decided to take time out of college due to personal reasons.

I deferred my course in January and was meant to go back to it a year later.

However, I never went back and started back in college doing Digital Marketing, Public Relations and Communications that September.

I actually only decided to do this course for the following reasons:

  • To have a degree to teach English abroad
  • To learn Digital Marketing to get a Digital Nomad job
  • To say I have a degree

But I honestly never thought I´d actually love my course. I went in with the attitude of head down and get it done with. Now I’m finishing up first year of my course and love what I’m doing. I have found a course that is a mixture of technology, academic and creative which really suits me.

Aspergers vs College

I have read a lot about how college is impossible for Aspie’s and if it was to be done then they would need a lot of help. I would never agree with the first statement. However, yes I feel I would need a bit more help than other people in college. College is sensory overload for me most days, some days it’s okay especially if I’m busy or distracted but generally the lights, noise and the amount of people near me can just be too much.

I honestly couldn’t count on my two hands how many Asperger’s meltdowns I had at the start of college. For non aspies Asperger’s meltdowns are literally like an adult version of a kids tantrum. We just can’t cope, we are just so overloaded with everything.

Due to this after the first semester I was finding it hard to go in every day.  Until I decided to be honest with my lecturers and told them I had Asperger’s.

And the support I got was so amazing.

It was now okay for me to not to be in everyday which helped so much, I didn’t have to be pushing myself so hard anymore. I just had to make sure I got my work done on time.

I was also very lucky to make such good friends in college as well.The friends I have made in college know I have Aspergers and have made such a big effort to understand it. They do their best to help me and support me in getting my degree and I am very grateful for this.


When I was a little I wanted to be a writer. I wanted to write books for a living and live in a little apartment overcrowded with books. I wrote loads of poems and short stories. I kept loads of journals and was always making up stories for my little sister.

Then I stopped writing and for years people kept telling me to get back into it. I always said someday but it never happened.

Til I went to college and found out I had a year long module on Writing for Digital Media.

And all of a sudden that someday had arrived because I had to get back into writing especially with this blog. Having this module made me really love college even more as it had given me back a passion I had neglected for so long.

Finishing up this year I came out with my head up,not down and grovelling. My love for education and my passion for writing has come back in full swing and I’m excited for the college years to come.

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