First time Aspie experience in a hostel

I’m going to be honest here, when I went to Italy I stayed in a hotel and a B&B. I knew hostels were an option, but I instantly thought nope, no way will I do that. And I wanted and still want to be the ultimate budget backpacker who saves money especially on accommodation, but I thought to myself isn’t there an exception for every rule?

But let me tell you something, the amount of money I spent on accommodation in Italy still gives me a headache to this day. It was a rip off and it left me with very little money for the rest of my travels.

Why didn’t I want to stay in hostels? Cause I have Asperger’s simple as. It’s not that I’m afraid I was going to get robbed or something weird was going to happen, well maybe I should be a little bit! No, it was the fact was I wouldn’t have my own space and I was worried it would be overwhelming because I heard hostels are quite a social place.

However, I went to Vienna for a weekend a week ago. And because it was only for 3 nights, I said I’d try a hostel, like I could do anything for 3 nights right?

But let me tell you now I’ll never not stay in a hostel again.

So, WHat hostel did I stay in?

I stayed in a Hostel called the Wombats. They are a chain of Hostels, with hostels in Vienna, Budapest, Berlin etc. They actually have two hostels in Vienna, The Lounge and The NaschMarkt. The NaschMarkt is a really old famous Market place in Vienna and that Wombats is literally across from it. However I stayed in The Lounge, as all the female dorms were booked out in The NaschMarkt the nights I was travelling.

Location is everything

The Lounge is a bit out from the centre of Vienna. However, the tram is literally across the road from it, the metro is around the corner as well as a bus that goes directly to and from the airport. I actually got this bus to and from the airport and it cost me €13 and was valid for a month. It was also less then ten minutes away from Schönbrunn Palace on the tram.

The hostel itself

I stayed in a 6 bedroom female dorm in the Wombats.

You have to dress the beds yourself and then drop the sheets down at reception when checking out. The brown shelf above the bed, has a plug and little light with them. This was a really good feature because I could keep my phone and valuables close to me while I slept.

The room also came with lockers for each lodger and a small desk within the room. The lockers were activated with the key-card which was an added security feature.

The Hostel also had its own bar and on check in you got a free drink token. I did visit it one night and had a very friendly Irish bartender serving me!

There is also common areas to sit in and a big cafeteria room to eat in with a kitchen to cook your own food.

and the price?

I spent roughly €60 for three nights here, which I thought was really good as that would hardly cover you for one night in a hotel in Italy. It does cost a bit extra to stay in all female dorms however I would recommend it to just have that feeling of safety.

final thoughts

staying in a hostel didn’t challenge my Aspergers as much I anticipated. I get overwhelmed sometimes travelling and just like to come back to the place I’m staying to gather myself and relax before going back out. Most times I came back the dorm was empty and if it wasn’t the other girls were doing exactly what I had come back to do, relax.

The staff were also great at the desk and really helpful with any enquiries. If you ever stay with them they do their own maps on the place your staying which are free and very helpful!

Also when staying in Italy I had this overwhelming feeling I had to be up early and out exploring til late, and I did exhaust myself. However, I find when your in a hostel your more relaxed because you’re observing other backpackers habits. And despite us travelling and experiencing a new place, we all need to time to relax and watch some netflix!

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